Welcome to Vader Maker, where you can ask questions and share your stories about making great Darth Vader costumes.

Welcome to the new Vader Maker!

There are many web sites out there helping those who want to make their Darth Vader costume great. Some are well done and others are out of date.

However in my searching for ideas, I never found a site that allowed fans to share their ideas together. As I've been working on my costume, I wanted to be able to share what I have found.

I'm just a fan, not an expert. We're just getting started, and we need the true experts to help by posting their tips and tricks!

To get started helping others, you can browse the unanswered questions by clicking 'Unanswered' above. To ask a question, just click the 'Ask a Question' link. Thanks for stopping by!

--Darth Sarcastus, aka the Admin

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